Opening Times

Documents and objects found in passenger terminals, boarding rooms or shuttles between the aircraft and the terminal, can be found or delivered to Natal Airport's Lost and Found.

Found objects can be recovered up to 90 days after the date they were registered. Personal identification documents, on the other hand (RG/CPF/Passport/etc.) remain in the Lost and Found for up to 7 days. Unless  claimed by their owners, these documents are sent to the national mail service 'CORREIOS', which has a nation-wide system for this.



- The airline is responsible for objects forgotten in the aircraft.

- The objects found at the airport and not removed by the owner, the estimated period of 90 days are donated to social institutions of Rio Grande do Norte.


Lost and Found Department - Natal Airport

Opening Times: from 8h to 17h (administrative time).

Location: protocol

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